Thursday, July 5, 2012

Watch List For 07/06/2012

CALL nice hammer candle today at 20 EMA. Alert for 19.60.

KEM Back over 6.33 looks decent.

SFLY Like it back over 31 for a squeeze . Over 27% short.

STRM Like the way this one consolidating on low volume. Watching 3.80.

SUMR Thin name but if crowds gets involved 3.38 is a decent area.

SNCR  Triggered today  at 19.10 from last night. We got the 1st target. Now over 19.55 , target 50 MA.

STZ We traded  this few days ago with nice profit. Momentum play ,now watching back over 28.75 again for a day trade.

WIFI Looks good over 11.77.

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