Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Watch List 11/28/2012

Decent day for watch list names. TASR 8.58 continuation worked well till 8.99. SYNC 5.15 alert worked well for a high of 5.82  . Old ADNC 8.50 alert worked well to 8.93.
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AFFY Holding 20/50 MA so far. No clean number before 24.76. Watching for a intraday setup.

BKD Breaks out at 25.40. Watching back over 25.

CWTR Back over 20 MA and broke flag. Watching over 4.72. 4.94 was recent high.Swing type.

ENOC Stock looks week here, All bearish pattern, Head and shoulder and a bear flag. I will be looking for a short.

FBC 16.80 alert triggered late today. I’ll be watching for a continuation.

ISIL 7.05 breaks  the head and shoulder pattern. Might get a quick run.

LLNW Watching 1.83 area for movement.

QIHU 20/50 MA acting as dual support for now. Over 23.18 might get a quick pop.

VELT Narrow range candles. Should make a move soon  Either side of the triangle can  be played.

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