Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Watch List 01/17/2013

Readers, one of the greatest momentum trader I know and a friend Kunal Desai @kunal00 at Bulls on Wall Street starting his next Trading Boot. If you are a beginner trader and having difficulty trading you should really consider spending few bucks for this boot camp before losing pretty much all of your capital as 90% traders lose money in this business. Learn how to be consistent money making machine. A skill that will pay you for a lifetime. If you are already making money, this will teach you some new tricks for explosive short term trading gains and will provide you with a new edge.
This interactive webinar based boot camp will run for 16 days. You will meet 4 nights a week for a month learning the most coveted  and exclusive money making  trading strategy  and after you will meet  3 times a week for a month to review and apply whatever you learned .After 28 days, you are put on a LIVE Trading Simulator to test your skills in a real market situation!
Check out this link for more info.
If you are interested, send me an email for exclusive discount.
HERO 6.74 breakout watch.

GA Flagging after a big run.

KAR 20.90 breakout watch.

IQNT Range break over 3.25.

PNR 51 breakout watch.

PWRD  Flagging,watching over 12.10.

RIGL Watching over 7.05.

NIHD 50 MA support for now. Watching over 6.42.

SB 20/50 MA Support here. Watching for a bounce.

SONS Coiled up. Over 2.32.

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