Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Watch List 02/20/2013

INFI,VRTU,BMRN some nice movers from  last nights watch list. INFA Opened above our 35.25 alert but it gave a beautiful, "First pullback entry" around 36.90 and hit a day high of 41.64.

If you want to see how we play pull back trade in the chat room, see this post below, INFI,MX 16.50 all had the same pattern today for some explosive gains.

$ENOC: Day trading pullback.

Bulls trading boot camp#6 starting in March. New feature, I will share my explosive money making day trading strategies like "First pullback entry" . http://bit.ly/WJG5QW    . Email me thenyctrader@gmail.com for more info.

Many name looks great for tomorrow. Following are few names I'll be paying attention to. Pick the one's you like most.

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