Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thoughts and Some Bullish Charts.

Lately my most profitable trades have been with these setups:

1) Long individual names with good chart setups, Hedge that with Index shorts (TZA, ERY, SMN)
2) Long Index (TNA, ERX, UYM) 1/2 position, Long individual names with good chart setups (Full Position).

For example yesterday I had a buy alert for IVN at 7.50 which I passed. I also had ERY, which I sold for a little profit. If I were to hold them today, it would have been a sweet day. IVN was up as high as 14%, ERY is up over 7%.

Below are the charts. I posted ERY chart on Friday and it did really well.

Charts below are still holding up well. If market were to bounce tomorrow keep an eye on them.

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