Monday, July 13, 2009

We Have a Bounce!

Coming into today I was 100% Cash. I was calling for a bounce in my last post but didn’t expect it to happen today after that early sell off. I had to attend a meeting at work this morning. Right before I left, I saw TNA bounced off that 22.50 area after making a 2 day double bottom. The recovery seemed intense so I put a limit buy order for 23.40.The order was filled and that position was up nicely. I also purchased ERX at 23.37 and STEC at 25.31, thanks to my Bro Stewie for STEC.Sold ERX at 24.33. TNA at 25. Still holding STEC. Right before the close, I also bought UYM at 15.98.My target is 16.50.

Some Charts I will be keeping my eyes on.

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