Sunday, June 24, 2012

Watch List For 06/25/2012

AMRS Old alert 3.53 still valid.

BCOV Old alert 16.30 still valid.

DDD Bounced 20 SMA. 32 has been resistance for last few days. Over 32 for a long trade or on weakness watching 50 SMA 29 area.

DNDN Bio. name. Coiled up. Watching 7.90 with target 50 MA.

GNE Nice look as  50 MA/20 EMA acting strong support. 8.25 alert.

IDIX Bio. name. Strong sector. 11.05 should hit some alerts.

IMUC  Bio. name. Strong sector. 4 should hit some alerts.

INXN  Mini base setting up blow 50 SMA. Watching for a range break above 17.40 with target trade to 50 SMA.

JIVE Momentum name flagging here above 50 SMA . Watching  over 21 area for continuation.

NTSP  Momentum play. 9  should be good for a day trade.

OMER Bio. momentum name, watching for continuation over 13.40. Remonds me of ARNA, PCYC kind of move . Clean support at  8 EMA.

PSX Looks decent over 34.90.

TRIP Back over 46 for breakout trade. 
YELP Hard to chase intraday breakout and difficult to day trade but 22 is a decent area for a trade.

ZNGA Like it over 6.10 for a trade.
LXRX, FURX, HWAY, NKTR, KITD few other notable charts.

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Here is an example of the type of setups we are trading in the chat room:

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