Monday, June 25, 2012

Watch List For 06/26/12

Two decent alert from last nights watch list. AMRS, we bough it at 4.37 as it broke morning highs while  general Market gapped down , with nice 18% gain. KITD, we bought at 4.20 with almost 11% gains. I am sill holding small postions in both names.  If you are interested in trading these setups with me and learn trading, live in a chat room with a super team of traders, please send me an email for info.

Watch list addition:

DNKN Holy grail setup as it bounce 20 SMA and previous breakout area. Watching over 35 for continuation.

AIR Bullish little cup&handle pattern setting up short term as it holding 20MA. Eyeing over 12.

DDD Triggered today  at 32 but by then it has came all the way from morning low of 30.80. Like the dip buyers on this name. Watching back over 32.

FBHS Decent hammer on oversold condition . Watching over 20.30 for a quick trade on agood intraday setup. Experienced traders only.

IDCC Like the way this one holding 50 MA and flagging. Over 27.36 for a continuation.

MGAM No clean number but watching over 14 for reaction.

RIGL Bio. name. 9 should get some reaction.

SCLN Bio. name. 7 area looks interesting  as its holding 20 SMA.

ZNGA Triggered today ,failed and then came back. I was involved from 6.04, stopped with small loss 5.97. Like it back over 6.10 again.
Few other notable charts: TNGO CIGX UBNT XOMA VHC RMTI LRE and LL.

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