Sunday, August 26, 2012

Watch List 08/27/2012

Nice day for the Markets and  watch list alerts as S&P-500 bounced 20 EMA 140 area. We had nice gains from SVNT, NSM, BAH, SGNT,FBHS and old alerts MMS and MDAS. 
NSM 26 was one of thee alerts from Thursday night. Click the chart below to see how it sets up intrday:

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ACTG Trying to come out of a range . Watching  over 25.22 for a quick trade.

ALC Old alert 8.25 still valid.

ANGI Crap stock but watching 9.89 area for a quick short squeeze.

CNSL Over 16.40, a target trade to 200 MA .

CONN  Break out watch over 22.41.

GLNG Watching over 41.40, breaks out over 41.76.

GY Nice look here, Break out/20 MA retest and continuation watch over 8.97.

ITMN Watching 8.24 for area for this Bio. name.

LPX Continuation over 13.61.

MX Keeping an eye on this one again, 14.37 next break out area.

NKTR Old alert 8.54 triggered on Friday. Still like it over 8.73.

OREX Like it back over 4.48 for a trade.

RPRX Flagging after huge breakout. No clean number yet but watching 11 area for a continuation higher.

S  ‘Holy Grail’ setup. Watching back over 4.94/5.

SRPT Bio. Momentum play  .Over 10.98 in a good intraday setup.
Bio. name. Over 8.15 for a continuation.

STE 34.55 breakout watch.

VTR Long  Over 64.40 or short below 63.50.
 SHLD, SMBL, ONXX, TSO few other notable names to watch.

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