Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Watch List 08/30/2012

Another great day for the alerts .APKT  was a big winner.18 alert was good for almost 10% day trade gains! GTIV 11.29 alert still  working. RPRX 11 alerts working and looks to be going higher. XNPT 9.05 still working and back again in the list. JNPR triggered and worked for a bit before going no where. PPHM also worked for a little gain if you caught it. ANGI 9.89 triggered today and stock putting on a major high volume short squeeze. Click the chart to see the setup.

Easy/benign Market here if you know where to look. They don't last long. Our chat room has been on fire! If you are having trouble with your trading or not making money and interested in trading these setups with me and learn trading, live in a chat room with a super team of traders, please send me an email for info. 

ALC  Old 8.25 alert. I will be watching 8 area tomorrow for head start.

ANGI Short squeeze play triggered today  at 9.89.So far playing out as it should, some clear air above.

AVEO Little bio/pharma play, coiling up. No clean number but may 9.70/80 area.

CONN  Back over 23 for a continuation.

DANG China lotto, over 5.18 for a continuation scalp only on good intraday setup.

RPRX Triggered today at 11 now breakout watch over 11.51.

SREV Old 9.20 alert coming into play but needs volume.

XNPT We had our first break out at 9.05 now looking for continuation over 9.68.

ZIP Over 8.24 for a continuation . Over 22% float short.

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