Monday, October 15, 2012

Watch List 10/16/2012

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AVP Holds up well after the gap. No clean number yet. Breaks range at 17.55.

DYAX Momentum Bio. name. Over 2.88 for a trade on good setup.

FBR Breakout watch above 9.80.

HEK Over 4.37 for a continuation.

LEG Old alert. 25.24, breakout watch.

MHO Housing stocks remain strong. 22.62 breakout watch.

NKTR Holding up so far. Old 10.98 breakout watch.

NSM Hanging out around rising 20 MA.Watching 33 area for flag break.

REED Continues to hold up well. Watching 8/8.08 area.

SJT Oil name, watching 14.90 area on sector strength.

SMCI  Over 9.44 for a quick trade.

SNTS Bio. name. Back over 9.64 for continuation.

XRTX Over 7.28 for a quick trade.

ZLC Holds up during the sell off. Watching over 7.21 , 7.44 recent high.

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