Thursday, October 18, 2012

Watch List 10/19/12

If you are interested in trading these setups with me and learn trading, live in a chat room with a super team of traders, please send me an email for info.

BRLI Watching over 32.38, breaks  out at 32.86.

GTE Energy name. Watching 5.38 area.

GWAY 19.22 breakout watch.

LNG Back over 16.36.

LPHI Spec. lotto play. Watching 2.29 area with volume for a scalp.

NSM  Old alert 33 triggered on flag break ,  back over 20 MA. Watching 34 area for a movement.

OMX Watching 7.70 area for a trade.

XRTX Old bottom bounce  alert triggered  at 7.28, no watching over 7.42 for a continuation

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