Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Watch List For 08/18/2011

Take the setups below for a quick bounce play only on a strong Market and with good volume. We are in a treacherous Market. Most of them are basing at the bottom,if Market heads south, chances are most of them will break down completely. So know your risk and play accordingly.

AFFY Over 4.90 for a quick trade.

AWAY Over 38 could work. Thin stock.

DEPO Looks decent over 5.50 with volume.

DRWI May be over 4.10 for a trade.

GNCMA Back over 8.71 for a quick trade.

GTIV Over 7.90 with volume.

IPSU No clean number but seems to be bottoming. Watching over 7.55.

MCHX Breakout alert for 10.87.

NVMI Watching over 7.38 area.

MW May be over 27.41 for a trade.

NBIX May be over 6.30 for a quick trade.

PVTB Over 9.38 for a trade.

VDSI Over 8.16 for a trade.

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