Sunday, August 28, 2011

Watch List for 08/29/11

AEA Like it over 8.70.

AEIS Over 10 for a trade.

AUQ  Gold/Silver name. Breakout watch over 14/14.16.

CENTA Over 7.90-8 for a trade.

·         CHD  Breakout watch over 42.66.

·         CROX Watching over 27.70 on a trend line break and above 20 SMA.

GA Closed right at resistance. Will watch for a continuation trade.

IPSU No clean number but watching over 7.30 for a bounce trade.

MAKO Watching over 33.50/34 for a trade.

MKTX Breakout watch over 30.

NTSP Over 6 for a gap fill play.

PAET Breakout watch over 5.39 with volume.

RIC Gold/Silver name. Breakout watch over 10/10.16.

THC Like it over 5.20.

TK Like it over 24.60 for a continuation.

WFR Over 7 could see 50 SMA 7.50.

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