Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Watch List for 08/25/2011

AEIS Over 10 for a trade.

BYD Over 5.60 for a trade.

CENTA Over 7.90-8 for a trade.
ENOC Over 11.13 with good volume.

GLBL Over 4 for a continuation.

KEP Looks decent over 10.40.

NVTL Over 3.68.

PACB over 6.50 13 with good volume.

PAET Breakout watch over 5.39 with volume.

PTRY Over 13.40 for a trade.

RT  Over 8.50.

SHO Watching over 5.21 for a trade.

TTWO Like it over 12.

VDSI Over 5.15 for a trade.

ZOLT  Over 8.8 for a trade.

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