Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Watch List for 09-14-2011

AVNR  Watching over 3.02 for a trade. HT to @kunal00

CBLI Watching over 3 for a trade.

DEPO  Like it over 6.47. Mind  the 50 SMA on top at 6.71.

HOTT Watch over 8.22.

LQDT Breakout watch over 32 with good volume.

MAKO Triggered today at 35.41. Now watch for a full breakout over 38.91.

OXM Working on a massive breakout over 39.89.

PTRY Over 13.35 with volume.

SANM Looks good over 7.88. Good volume today.

SBH Watching over 17.48 for a trade.

SGEN Like it over 18.43.

SIMO Maybe over 12.23 for a trade.

WETF Triggered today over 8.11. Now over 8.55 would break the trend line.

XTXI Flagging nicely. Watching  over 13.15.

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