Sunday, September 25, 2011

Watch List for 09/26/2011

ACOM  Hammer reversal candle with volume. Over 23.87 for a trade. Over 13% short float.
AMKR Like it back over 4.89.

ARUN Over 22.08 for a continuation.
CISG China name, may be over 7 for a quick bounce play.

CTCM Beaten down Russian name. Inside  day Friday. May be over 10.16 for a bounce play.

ELGX  Holding up breakout are. No clean number but worth watching.
FINL 21.27 is a big area. Watching over it. Strong volume Friday.

GNK Like it over 8.50.

MITK Worth watching over 10.30.
PWRD  China name. Watching over 13/13.30 area for a quick  bounce play.

SIMO Back in watch list over 12.32.

SPWRA Beaten down solar name, may be over 9.40 for a quick  bounce play.

TIBX Bounced on trend line yet again. Might get some momentum on a close over 50SMA

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