Sunday, September 18, 2011

Watch List For 09/19/2011

AEA Watching over 8.38.

CBG Old alert 15.50 looks good now.

CLGX Basing below 50 SMA. Watching 12.40 area. Might go for a gap fill on volume.

DY Breakout alert for 18.85.

EGHT  Looks good over 4.80.

INSM Over 5.22 for a continuation.

JDSU Looks great over 13.80.

LGND Watching over 15.53. Breakout over 16.24.

MELA Breakout and retest. Good volume Friday. Might get momentum back over 3.62.

NPTN Over 8/8.06 for a continuation

RGR Old alert 32.13.looks good.

WETF Back in the watch list over 8.77. Volume expanding again.

WFR Watching over 7.26.

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