Monday, December 5, 2011

Watch List For 12/06/2011

ALGN Watch 25 area.

GSIG Watching over 11.13.

HOLI Watching over 200 SMA, currently at 9.34.

HW Over 2.88, maybe a target trade to 200 SMA 3.20 area.

MENT Watching over 13.13.

MERC Over 6.10 for a trade.

NLST  Watching over 3.22 for a spike.

PKT  Watching over 16.40 area if it decides to go.

QNST Over 9.60 if sets up well.

SMP Alert for 20.

SONO Over 42.84 for a continuation.

SWI Over 33.10 for a continuation.

TRAK Break out watch over 27.
VDSI Watching over 8.50 on flag break.

If you are interested in trading these setups and more live in a chat room, send me an email for info.

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