Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekly Watch List 12/12/2001

AKRX Setting up for next round over 11.14.

ALTE  23.24 Break out watch on Market strength.

CJES  Strong volume move. Watch for a continuation over 23.30

CSGS Like it over 15.50.

CVI Squeeze potential over 19.40.

FSII Momentum play. Over 3.30.

HSTM Over 17.50 on flag break.

MENT Maybe finally ready over 13.13.
IPHI Over 12.72 for a continuation.
NTSP Over 7, target trade to 200 SMA.

NUAN Like it over 25.12.

PIR Watching back over 13.94 .

STAA Break out retest, Over 11.18.
SCSS Watching 21 area.

SWFT Watching 9.70 area.

SWI Over 33.68 for a continuation.

TSS Break out watch over 20.43.
VDSI Old alert, watching over 8.40 on flag break.

VVUS Continuation over  10.80.
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