Saturday, December 17, 2011

Watch List For 12/19/2011.

AKRX 11.14 breakout watch.

ALKS 16 might pop this one.

AVID  Watching over 8.

CX Over 5.13 for a trade.

EDAC Super thin name but this is a beautiful chart.

GEOI Watching for the bull flag break, around 28.

HMSY Watching over 32 again.

JKHY   Watching 34 for a break out .

LDK Only solar name with a decent chart. Watching 4.50.

LNCR  Resistance and 200 EMA, 24 area.Worth watching.

MENT Old alert 13 still valid.

OPTR Trend line and 50 SMA break  at 12.54. Worth watching.

OSUR Watching for a bounce over 9.15.

RP Watching 26.26 area.

SBH Watch this one over 20.83. Breaks out at 21.

SLTM Over 3 for a break out trade.

SURG Watch 7 for a continuation and a quick momentum trade. 

If you are interested in trading these setups and more live in a chat room, please send me an email for info.

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