Sunday, March 11, 2012

Watch List For 03/12/2012

CALL Closed right at resistance 24. Watching for a continuation.

CLDX Bio. name. Over 4 should have some reaction.

FBP Watching over 4 for a quick trade.

KIRK Watching over 17.16 for a breakout.

SKH Looks ready over 7.13.

SPRT Bounce off 200 SMA, Now watching over 20 SMA for a flag break.

TRX  Gold/silver name Watching over 200 SMA for a trade.

TSLA Many eyes on this one. Watching back over 35-35.31.

XPO Strong up trending name ,buyers came in big volume at 20 SMA test. Watch for a continuation over 16.26.

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