Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Watch List For 03/15/2012

ANW Watch 7 area with volume. Stock keeps on bouncing 20 SMA.

ARAY Maybe over 6.88 with some volume.

CORT Always good to have Bio. name on watch. A trade over 4.16.

HSTM  Narrow range candles,Watching over 21.32 for trade.

KTCC Recent momentum name. Broke below 20 SMA Tuesday. Nice Bullish candle today. May be over 10.40 for a long trade or a short below 9.40.

LPI  Oil name. Technically a bear flag but bouncing 50 SMA and now over 24.25 could be good for a quick trade.

LVLT Kissed 200 SMA today. Watch for a follow through over 25.

MGAM Old alert  triggered today over 10.55. Expansion breakout with volume. We already in it , watch for a continuation.

PWRD Good volume today. Watching over 13.05/13.24. Might try 200 SMA currently at 14.70 with volume.

SCEI Momentum  name, low volume pullback to 20 EMA. Watch for  a continuation over 2.50.

TRIP Recent IPO,  Bouncing 50 SMA.Could pop a bit over 31.

Also watch these three Bio's HALO, PCYC and ACHN. If one moves, other two might follow.

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