Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Watch List For 03/14/2012

PKI Nice base  here. Break out at 27.40.

AFFY Coiled up here, watching over 11.36.
AVID Bouncing 50 SMA, Watching for a trend line break over 11/11.18.

CALD Over 8 with volume.

CLDX  Bio. name . watching over 50 SMA, 4.10.

ELY Break out watch over 7.15.

HALO Break out watch over 11.95.

HOLX Watching for a break out over 21.77.
Watching this one over 14 tomorrow on flag break over 20 SMA.

MX This one needs go sooner or later. Watching over 11.80 with resistance 12.

SNSS Over 2.70 for experience traders.

STRI Over 6.42 for a quick bounce trade. Risky play.

SWHC  May be a scalp over 7.08.

TAM Watching over 24.50 with weekly resistance 25.

Watching over 19.35 on a good intraday setup.
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