Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Watch List For 05/03/2012

ALGN Watching over 32.55 for a trade.

CGI Continuation watch over 16.48.

CLGX Watching over 17.15 area.

HALO trying come out of a range, watching over 8.38 for a quick trade.

HW Watching for break out over 4.54.

IART Breakout retest so far. Watching over 36.51.

IN Over 5.54 for a quick trade.

MGAM Watching to see if this can finally break over 11.89.

NTRI Watch over 200 SMA 11.89.

ONXX Breakout retest so far. Watching over 45.22.

SUNH  Watching over 7.39.

PATK and KTCC for continuation move.

If you are interested in trading these setups with me and learn trading, live in a chat room with a super team of traders, please send me an email for info.

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