Saturday, May 5, 2012

Watch List For 05/07/2012

ASNA  Watching this one over 22.07 for a break out attempt over 22.62.

CALX Might make an attempt to break out over 200 SMA. Watching above  9.50 area.

DCIX Earning Mover, over 7.35.

HXM Watching for a short below 15.80.

KITD  Over 5 into the gap fill area with volume.

MMR Over 9.30 for a trade.

PATK Holding up well. Breaks out over 13.60.

PHH Watching over 17.

RNDY Watching over 12.47 in case it decides to go.

STRI Over 5 should get this going.

VRNG Watching this one over 3.70 with some volume for a quick trade.

VNET Watch this one over 13.41 with resistance at 13.75.

WWWW Break out still holding up. Worth watching over 16.20.
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