Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watch List For 05/24/2012

AKAM 200 SMA acting as resistance. Should have a reaction over 29.80.

ASGN Watching over 17.23 for a trade.

AZPN Holding 50 sma so far and flagging. Watching over 20 to see if any reaction.

HW 4.54 area is a big spot.

INAP  Watching over 7.34 for a trade.

INVN Seems to be founding support.Watching 10.80 area. Volatile name.

REN Beaten up energy name. Watching over 8.73.

RST No sign of weakness on this one. Watch for a break out.

SFY Beaten up energy name. Should go over 21.70.

TTI Beaten up energy name. Watching over 7.

UBNT Former high flier finding support, watching over 20 with resistance at 20.94.

URA Uranium ETF, may be for a trade over 7.20.

UYM Basic material ETF. Bear flag gets negated over 31.35.

GEO,CRAY INSP LGF MGAM PATK DK WWWW PZZA WCRX few other names that are holding up well.

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