Sunday, January 1, 2012

Watch List For 01/03/2012

ACW   Watching 7.25 area.

ADVS Watching below 24 for a short.

ALR Watching over 23.90.

BTX Momentum play. Watch 6 area.

FOE Watching over 5-5.10 for a trade.

HFC Looks good over 24.

ITMN Watching over 12.80.

JAG Gold name, over 6.50.

LEAP Tried to break long term resistance 10 with huge volume. Watching for a try again over 9.50.

MWW Watching over 7.17.

NOAH Bounce trade. Good volume hammer candle. Over 6.17.

NTGR Short watch below 200 SMA, currently at 33.24.

PVX Break out watch over 9.80.

REE Quick bounce trade over 3.30.

RST Over 7.85 for a continuation with resistance at 8.

SFL Beaten down shipper name. Watching 9.60 area for a quick trade.

STX Looks god over 16.50.

SUSS Watching over 22.75.

VQ Beaten up oil name . Watching over 7 for a trade.

If you are interested in trading these setups and learn trading  live in a chat room, please send me an email for info.

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