Sunday, January 29, 2012

Watch List For Next Week

Hello readers. Even though the index’s were red last couple of day, there were some big movers on individual stocks. We are still in an uptrend and Bulls are still in charge. As long that remains I‘ll be paying more attention to individual names on a pull back or on a break out. Members in our chat room keep on hitting big winners day after day. If you are interested in trading these setups and learn trading, live in a chat room with a great team of traders, please send me an email for info. My trading log is updated here.
Long watch list today. Pick only the few one that you really like and matches your trading strategy and focus only on those during open. Last week I have seen watch list names like AUMN, ELGX gave low risk entry on open at the bottom before breaking out later in the day.

ACIW     Long  base break over 32.

ACW Decent swing type play over 7.65 as long holds 20 SMA.

CCIH China name.watching over 7 with some volume, could easily test 200 SMA, currently 7.60.

CISG Watching to see if this one holds 8, might run over 8.20.

EGY Energy name, like it over 6.67.

END Energy name, watching over 200 sma, currently at 10.35.

GRPN Over 20.24 for a quick trade. Short squeeze potential.

NKTR Bio. name. Watching 6.28 area.

NTCT Earning gap and consolidation. looking for  a continuation this week.

P Over 14 for a quick trade. Short squeeze potential.

PGNX  Bio. name. Watching 9.91 area with volume.

RAM Momentum name, Bounced off 20 MA. Watch for a continuation.

REE Might go some times this week, watching 6.50 area.

RST Old alert 7.87 looks good. Needs volume.

TIBX Coiled up at 50/200 SMA. Watching over 26.50.

TPLM Energy name, old alert 7.50 looks good.

TUDO China internet  name. Really thin, over 13.77 if you are into thin names.

VIT Looking for continuation over 14.28. Might try for a gap fill and 200 SMA.
VVUS     Bio. name , tight flag after gap up.Watching for flag break over 12.34 or so.

WFR Like it back over 5 again.

Z Over 29.64 for a quick trade. Short squeeze potential.

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