Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekly Watch List

ABMD Watching for a short below 17.68 on market weakness.

ACAS Watching 7.43 area.

AEO Watching below 12.84 for downward continuation.

ALJ  Refinery name, all coiled up at 50 SMA. Watching over 9/9.24. Same sector play  DK as well.

BABY Watching over 10.34. Full base break out over 10.70 area.
CROX Watch for 19 whenever triggers.

CPWM Extended but if it decides to go, over 12.46 for a trade.

DVR Volume pattern suggest a mover higher. Watching over 2.80.

IMGN  Watching over 12.33 with resistance at 12.65.

IRE  Irish bank name,over 5.09 for a continuation trade.

NCT All coiled up at 200 SMA. Watching over 4.94 for a trade.

NTSP Watching if this one can break 8.20.
ONXX Like this one on a triangle break over 44.80.

OEH Like this one over 7.70.

PKT Either a tradable bounce here or potential gap fill 14.18.

RAM Momentum name, with some volume this one can move over 3.45.

YGE Back over 5.10 for a continuation. Like JKS ,TSL and SPWR in that sector.

UCTT Flagging after a gap up. Watching over 7/7.13 for a continuation.

VDSI High and tight flag after gap up. Watching over 7.87 for a continuation.

WFM Breakout watch over 74.30.

We are having a great year so far in the chat room. If you are interested in trading these setups and learn trading, live in a chat room, please send me an email for info.

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