Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Watch List for 01/04/2011.

ALR Watching over 24 for a continuation.

ARAY  Medical equipment names did well today. Watching  over 10.45.

BABY Medical equipment names did well today.watching over 4.55.

BTX Triggered at 6 today now over 6.20 for a break out.

CBM Watching over 7.47 for a continuation. Slow/swing type.

CSII Medical equipment names did well today. Over 10.45.

DQ Watching over 1.88 with volume.

DVR Over 2.51 for a continuation.

HWAY Old alert 7.32 still valid.

IPHI Old alert 12.72 in play.

KRA Watching over 21.85.

MERC Watching over 6.67.

OSUR Watching over 9.60.

POZN Break out watch over 4.19.

XIDE Old alert 2.85 coming into play.

XTXI Old alert 13.30 on energy strength. 
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