Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Watch List For 02/02/012

Hello readers, one of those evening, i find myself lost in the charts. There are way too many good looking setups.From past experience, this didn't have a good outcome next day. Today was a tricky day for me as there were very few strong continuation move intra day and many shake out during day,  unless you were swing long and just riding it. It could be that Market is a bit tired but its always free to have a watch list toward the trend. I'll not be jumping into these names as soon the triggers, only if i can find low risk entry point with tight stop. At this stage risk is a much higher than usual. I know the list is long but I have them on watch so I have something to watch througout the day.

We are having a great yer so far, If you are interested in trading these setups with me and learn trading, live in a chat room with a great team of traders, please send me an email for info.

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