Thursday, February 23, 2012

Watch List For 02/24/12

Many decent setups. Pick only the ones you like and matches your trading style. If you are interested in trading these setups with me and learn trading, live in a chat room with a super team of traders, please send me an email for info.

CONN Breakout  retest , watching for continuation.

BEE Could buzz over 6.62.

CALX Bouncing 20 SMA and previous resistance area. Looking for a continuation.

CECO Old alert 11.80 still looks good.

CTCT watching 30. Over 30% float short. Could squeeze hard.

DK Over 14 should get a reaction

GGS  Over 11.76 for a continuation.

LOOP Big volume gap up. Needs attention over 18.37.

MIND Over 26 for a  trade.

MKTG Still waiting for it break 12. Soon..

MMR 200 SMA holding it back so far. Should  get some reaction at 14.22.

MPWR Breaks out at 18.73.

PRXL Breakout alert for 15.50 with volume.

SIMG No clean number but volume bounce on support. Watch for continuation.

SMSI  Over 2.72 and then 2.87.

SNTS Breaks out at 5.09 or watch  red to green move Friday.

SONC Continuation over 8.10.

TEA Breaks out at 25.12 .Looking for an early entry on volume.

TNE Breaking range with huge volume. Over 10.38 for a continuation.

WPX Oil name,Watching 19.35 for a breakout.

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