Sunday, February 12, 2012

Watch List For 02/13/2012

AIMC Watching over 22.

DRIV Over 18.45.

ECTY Over 1.31.

HALO Watching over 11.24. Recent high was  11.62.

MGIC  Could bounce from 6.33 area or like it over Friday high 6.73.

ONTY Bio. name .Looks interesting over  8.70 area.

RSG Over 30.20.

SNTS Bio. name. Watching over 5.

TGE Holding up well, watching  over 8.90 for a breakout.

UBNT Watching over 25.30.

VDSI  Over 9.40.

VELT Break out retest so far. Watching over 10.

WRES Watching over 4.

XLS Over 10.30.
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