Sunday, February 26, 2012

Watch List For 02/27/2012

ABMD Break out retest and holding 20 SMA. Watching over 22.20.

ARRY  Over 2.87 for a quick trade.
FVE  Range break over 3.88. Mind the 200 SMA currently at 3.95.

CPTS Over 14 for a continuation.

HALO Consolidating here. Breaks out at 11.95.

LPS Watching over 22.91.

LPSN Over 15.60 for a continuation.

MDAS Breakout retest and big bounce at 20 SMA. Over 14.26 with resistance at 14.55.

MITK Old alert 11.65 triggered Friday, Watch for a continuation.

XXIA  Watching for triangle break over 14.40
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