Monday, April 8, 2013

Watch List 04/09/2013

ANAC,SBGI,NXST,LNDC some decent movers from last night’s watch list. Bounce in the market, S&p-500 back above 20 MA and uptrend line. Small cap IWM 50MA bounce and 20 MA overhead for now. Same story goes for NASDAQ. As always I will be focusing on individual names. 

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CZR Holding support for now. Looking for a bounce attempt.

EGLE Watching 3 area. Also DSX from same sector.

ARC  Breakout retest. Watching 3/3.03 area.

GKK 20 EMA and support bounce . Watch for continuation over 4.85.

LNDC Bounced as plan from last night with volume. Now watch for continuation over 13.65.

PIKE Breaks out over 15.19. Maybe a red to green type move.

GTAT  50 MA acts as support for now.Watching over 3.39.

RPRX Flagging here.Also have 20/50MA crossover coming. Needs some volume.

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