Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Watch List 04/24/2013

Nice action in the Market after bulls defended 50 MA on S&P-500. Small cap IWM managed to close over 50 MA without any pause. Bear case, we might run to some resistance soon and head lower. Bulls case we creep up higher. In general, we are back into trading range. Some nice movers from recent watch list like POWR,CNDO,TTS,NPSP,JKS,SBGI .

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ADTN Gap fill, bounce watch over 20.80.

ANAC Breakout watch.

CADX Old alert, triggered today. Watch for continuation.

CERS Watching 5 area for movement.

ECYT 14.40 breakout watch.

EFII Continuation watch over 26.42.

GNE Flagging, watch for volume and flag break.

SNFCA Double bottom/200 MA holds for now. Quick bounce trade watch.

UBNT Watching over 15.

XONE Watch this one on 3D stock strength.

XRM Momentum play, over 8.96 for a quick trade.

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