Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Watch List 04/17/2013

Bounce day in the market after yesterdays sell of. Lots of overhead in index's.  We could just bounce from here or create bear flags and head down later. Only time will tell. As long Fed is in money printing mode, bulls always have hope.
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Today I picked some  recent strong momentum names that are holding up well during the sell off and still look to be setting up for higher.

AMBA Still flagging here.Watching 14 area.

CERS  Not much pull so far and flagging.

CNDO Bio. name . Strong chart so far.

CPSS Holding 50MA so far. Watching 10.50 area.

ECYT Holds up well.

HIMX Break out watch.

IMMR Volume bounce, could easily retest recent high.

NIHD Holds up well and 200 MA acts as support.

NPSP Not much pull so far and flagging.

OPTR Tight flag.

POWR Break out watch.

SAVE Break out watch.

XRTX Breakout retest so far.

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