Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Watch List 04/25/2013

Flat day in the Market but great action in individual sectors like energry,metal and solars. We had another great day in the chat room trading names like NOR, JKS,NVDQ,SCMP,MM,STP and shorting VOCS and SCON.

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CRK Energy name. Watch this 200 MA 16.50 area for movement.

DSX Shipper, holding onto 50 MA. Watching for movements.

LOCK Watching this one for a movement either way soon.

PIKE Breakout watch over 15.36.

PLAB Break out watch.Mind the big  volume distribution days.

PWE Beaten up energy name. Continuation watch over 9.01.

WFT Energy name. Range break over 12.85.

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