Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watch List For 07/07/2011

So many names are so extended, seems nothing wants to wait for any base and keeps going.Tonight I tried to find some momentum stocks that had at least a mini base.

ASCA Mini base before 24.04 continuation.

ALLT Break out retest. Watching over 18 again.

CONN Mini base after huge run.9.05 next breakout alert.

COOL Back over 20/50 SMA  with strong volume. Watching over 3.43 for a trade.

EGOV Mini base before 14 breakout.

GIB  Quick drop and bounced breakout area after a huge run. Watching over 24.12.

IMGN  Over 13.50 this one might try 14.10.

OCZ  Decent earning beat after hours. Over 30% float short. Over 9 , it could move quick. Volatile name.

PCYC Mini base after huge run. 10.75 next break out area. Follow 8 EMA daily.

RIGL Mini base before 9.41 breakout.

RRGB Setting up nicely below 38.50 breakout.

VALV Looks good 1.63 for  a trade.

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