Thursday, July 7, 2011

Watch List For 07/08/11

AMRN Watching over 15.02 for a trade.

BPAX Watching for 3.20 breakout on a good intraday setup.

CMED China name,looks decent over 8.45 for a trade with volume. Over 19% short.

CSII Old alert 5.72 still valid on good volume.

FVE Over 6.09 for a scalp.

GLBL Old alert 5.68 still valid.

SCLN Mini base. Breakout watch over 6.40.

SKX  Looks good over 15.09 for atrade. Good volume today.15% short. My fav.

SWI Old alert 26.68 looks good.

VISN Over 2.99  with really good volume.

WGO Over 9.91 for a gap fill play.

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