Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Watch List For 07/14/2011

Choppy, range bound and vulnerable Market. Please try to be defensive. If you are playing breakouts,try to anticipate/participate earlier before actual alert if the volume is strong. Breakout often fails in a choppy range bound Market.

DDS Breakout  watch over 60/60.14.

DEPO Watching  this one  over 8.80.

GNOM Thin Bio. name. 20/50 SMA at 15.12 area acting as resistance. Over it might be good for a quick trade.

KERX Looks decent over 5 for a trade.
LRN  Looks decent over  35 for a trade.

MEDH  Watching over 14.20.

MITK  Setting up a mini base. Next breakout over 8.57.
QIHU Over 24 with good volume.
SCLN Old alert 6.40 looks good.
SPPI  Breakout watch  over 10.63.
VVTV  8.73 breakout watch.

OSUR Watching over 10 for a trade.

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