Thursday, July 21, 2011

Watch List For 07/22/2011

ACHN Watching this one over 5.35 on a good intraday setup.

AVL Rare earth name. Watching this one over 50 SMA on good intraday setup.

BPAX Flagging here, watching over 3.77.

CRIS Old alert 4/4.03 still valid. Needs to make a move now.Watch for volume.

DNN Looks good over 2 on uranium sector strength.

IO Watching over 10.40. Mind the 100 SMA currently at 10.80.

PTIE Not for everyone but maybe over 5.02 with volume.

UPI Bounced dual 20/50 SMA Support. Worth watching over 8.37 area.

URA Uranium ETF, broke down trend line and resistance. Watching for a continuation over 12.72.

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