Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly Watch List.

ARGN Looks good for 18.18 breakout.

AZPN Like this one over 20 SMA currently at 16.61.

BEBE Watching over 7.81 for a trade with strong volume again.

BONT Watching over 10.70. HT @chessnwine.

CONN Maybe over 9.06 for a trade.

CRIS Triggered  Friday over 4.03. I expect this one breakout soon over 4.42.

ESIC Watching over 5.86 for a trade.

FMCN Looks great over 34.

GLNG Many eyes on thin one. Watching over 40.

HSII Looks great over 24 or 200 SMA.

NCT Looks good over 10.65.

OPK Like it over 4.43.

PSMT  Many eyes on thin one. Watching over 61.60 for a continuation.

RPRX Over 6.49 this one could run to 6.85+

RPTP  Watching over 7 for a trade.

SHOR Watching over 10.50.

SOLR Watching over 15.50/15.70 for a pre earning run.

XIDE Looks good over 8. Adam and Eve bottom formation.

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