Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekly Watch List.

Hello readers, our friend’s at BullsOnWallStreet is offering a rare 2 weeks free trial for their trading service. @kunall00 is hands down one of the best momentum trader I know as you might have seen him on Twitter booking 10-20% gains in short term quick trades . @Urbanryno is one of the best technical trader I know for both safe swing and day trading with reduced risk.They offer a cool chat room, nightly webinar, blog article,Market commentary,Trading lessons, trade review/strategy videos and more. It is a great place for daytraders/swingtraders who are serious about trading. 

So if you are like me, a momentum trader check them out. A bonus, You can find me often hanging out in the chat room throwing out hot trades during the days. So send me an E mail  if you are interested in trying it.
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Free 2 weeks trial offer open for this weekend.

Check out a sample of Kunal's recent one day trade result :

ACOR Watching over 33.14 for a 33.48 breakout.

BIOS Watching these one over 7. Strong sector play.

CPF Really nice rounded bottom base. Watching over 14.79

DCIX Maybe over 7.25 for a trade. Risky and thin name.

DGII Mini base setting up again. Watch over 14.69. Might take few days.

ELN Momentum name with a mini base. Watching over 12.08.

ESIC Mini base setting up again. Watching over 6 for later.

GENE Watching over 9.15 for a 9.80 breakout.

ICGN Might make a move on either direction soon. Over 6.39 for long play.

ICLK  Momentum name on a shallow pullback, may be over 8.47 for continuation play.

IDIX  Breakout watch over 5.50.

MHLD Hesitation on 9.76 breakout area. Might go over 9.76 on a gap up or on good volume.

NOA Rounded bottom, over 7.83 for a quick trade.

QDEL Breakout alert for 16.30.

QTWW  Messy chart but could move fast if momentum hits. Watch this one closely over 4.83.

RPTP Tight triangle. Watching over 6.56 for 6.75 breakout.

SGEN Breakout alert for 21.41.

VVTV Watching over 8.25 to see if this one can continue.Resistance at 8.73.

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