Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Watch List.

ALLT Old alert 18.74 still valid.

AVD Watching over 13.50 as it breaks out  of the Bull flag. Recent high was 14.25

AWAY Nice looking ascending triangle setting up on this new IPO. Breakout watch over 43/43.25.

BEBE Watching over 7.81 for a trade with strong volume.

CIE Energy name, looks decent  over 14.55 area.

ELGX Volume pattern suggests, this one might break out later over 9.57.

FFN  Holding on to 20 SMA for now .Watching over 4.50 again.

FXEN  Beaten down energy name. Watching over 9.80.

GSVC Strong momentum name, watch for a continuation over 19 or buy on a pull back.Volatile name.

HNSN Super strong volume pattern. Watching this one over 4.72 again. Recent high was 4.94.

HWAY Watching over 17.26 for a continuation. Friday high was 17.54.

PDC Energy name,breaks out at 16.24.

RRGB Setting up nicely below 38.50 breakout.

SHOO Many eyes on this one. Hence, cautiously  watching  over 40.83 for a trade.

YRCW Junk name, could be good for a quick scalp  over 1.41 with big volume. Mind the 100 SMA at 1.50.

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