Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekly Watch List.

Extended and over overbought Market.Few days of rest and side way action would be healthy.

AET Watching over 45.40.Breaks out at 46.01.

AVAV Breakout alert over 35.96.

CASY Watching over 44.34 with first resistance at 44.70 and then  45.75.

CMED  China name,looks decent over 8.33 for a trade. Over 19% short.

CSII Breakout watch over 15.72.

ICGN Nice tight pennant after a break away gap, no clean number but worth watching.

IRWD Breakout alert for 16.50.
LLNW Watching over 4.86 for a trade.

KFRC Nice bottoming formation. Look good over 13.60 or 13.75. Little thin name.

MEDH Breakout alert for 13.48.

MHLD Like it over 9.45 , breaks out at 9.75.

OSUR Breakout alert for 9.

PRIM Breakout  retest. Watching for a continuation over 13.62.

SAAS Breakout alert for 4.88.

SWI Breakout watch over 26.68.

VVTV Old alert 7.85 triggered now. Now over 8.25 it might try 8.71 and a continuation.

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