Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Watch List For 05/05/2011

Again, Weak Market, Please  take the trades only on good intraday setup otherwise pass.

ARGN 17.56 , breakout alert whenever it triggers.

ASGN Nice pennant here. Worth a look over 10.90.

CLFD Watching over 6.09 with volume.

EGOV Breakout alert for 13.08.

FN Over 23.54 for a trade.

HNSN  It was a break out play over 3.05, now acting as support. Watching over 3.20 for a bounce trade.

SHOR Old alert 11 looking better.

TITN Old alert 32 looking better now.

TNAV Breakout at 14.09. Worth watching over 13.66.
UCTT Nice bounce on 20 SMA and breakout area. Possible trade over 11.22.

EFII Old alert 18.20 still valid.

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