Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekly Watch List Part II

Please make sure to check Part 1.

KUTV  Little hammer candle at 20 EMA. Over 6 for a trade. Fast mover.

ONNN  Over 11.95 whenever triggers.

ORN Looks good back over 10.80 and then over 11.26.

PRX Looks great over 34.92. A little rest even better.

QTWW Over 2.68 for a scalp to 20 EMA 3 first target.

SAPE Break away gap on earning. Watch for a continuation over 13.94 for a scalp. Could run more.

SLM Breakout trade over 16.86.

SNTA Watching over 6. Breaks out at 6.25.

TYPE Like the way this one looks. Alert for 14. Nice volume accumulation.

UTEK Flagging again. Worth watching over 31.

VELT Breakout alert over 19.32.

VR Looks good over 32.94 for a trade.

Please make sure to check Part 1.

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Anonymous said...

agree on TYPE, don't forget ISTA, thx for sharing