Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Watch List For 05/04/2011

Weak Market, Please  take the trades only on good intraday setup otherwise pass.

AXTI Good earning result Tuesday after hours. Over 7.76, this one might go for a gap fill to 8.30 area and more.

FTR Over 8.40 for a trade. Good volume today.

HBAN Financial was strong today. Watching over 6.90 for a trade.

HERO Good volume move today. Watching over 6.54 for a continuation.

INSP Possible trade over 9.15. Nice bounce on 20 SMA and closed positive on a down Market.

ISBC Financial name. Looks good over 15.

KLIC Big gap on earning. Over 10.60 whenever it triggers.

REDF  Watching for this 12-11.60 area for a gap fill and 20 EMA bounce trade.

SCSS Trying to break the pennant on good volume. Worth watching above 16.33.

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